History of Cuba

History of Cuba"That ever so beautiful thing has come, full of trees all encircled by the river, beautiful and green and diverse of ours, with flowers and with their fruit each of their way" in Christopher Columbus' Diary on 1492 on the Island of Cuba, inhabited by the Taíno tribe. Thus began the written history of the island of quality and became a Spanish colony until 1898, when it became independent after the Spanish-American War.

However, it later became a colony of the United States of America until January 1, 1956 when the Cuban Revolution, led by Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Camilo Cienfuegos and Frank Pais, triumphed. Since then it has been an independent Republic, of communist political character.

Nowadays, the largest island of the Antilles archipelago, marked by its heroic history, captivates all its visitors with the beauty of its landscapes and the richness of its culture, accompanied by the sympathy and affection of its inhabitants.